This is a collection of pro-life News and Videos.

These videos are broken down in two ways: according to subject and whether or not graphic content is contained.

ALL videos containing photos of aborted babies or videos of live abortion procedures have been separated and placed on the series of pages labeled (GRAPHIC!).

The videos embedded on this series of pages are designed to educate the public about abortion and related issues.

This series of pages will be updated regularly.

Life News

American Bishop: Catholic Disobedience on Contraception has caused "Tremendous Harm to Society"

Sign Online Petition to Stop Planned Parenthood's Tax Funding

2008 Presidential Candidates Abortion Positions
(3.2 MB Adobe Acrobat File), compiled by the National Pro-Life Alliance, October 2007.

*Ultrasound and Echography Videos*

*Fetal Development*

Just the Facts - this is an exceptional multimedia educational site about fetal development.

*Other Pro-life Videos*

Abortion Medical Complications and Procedures
Pro-Life Short Films
How Babies Grow
Planned Parenthood Exposed
What Abortion Looks Like (GRAPHIC!)
In Memory of the Unborn
Help Stop Abortion: The Pro-Life Movement (Coming soon)
Pro-life vs Pro-Choice: The Debate
Consider Adoption
Pro-life Videos from Catholic Online
Pro-Life Videos from God Tube
More Pro-Life Videos from God Tube

*Testimonies of Choice*

Barbra's Story - A Mom at Fourteen
Kayla: I found out I was Pregnant
Abortion on 17th Birthday
Linda's Heartbreaking Testimony

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